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 Author of “The Dark Side of Disney”, Leonard Kinsey joins James to discuss his brand new book “ Habst and The Disney Saboteurs”!  You even get to hear Leonard read a chapter from the book! 

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David and Sara from Fresh Baked Disney join James as they prepare for the final countdown to the release of Maleficent!  They discuss the 3rd trailer, the Disney Parks extended preview, the new Maleficent face character and who might possibly be the original inspiration for Mistress of all Evil!

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It might be tough to be a bug but it’s even tougher for a human to survive a bug show!  Annie from Annie and Danny’s Fast Pass Podcast joins James to discuss the creepiest parts of the Animal Kingdom and California Adventure attraction, It’s Tough To Be A Bug!  They also explore the connection between the attraction and the films of William Castle!

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Filmmaker Philip Swift returns to talk about his current project, a documentary adaptation of Leonard Kinsey’s book “The Dark Side of Disney”!  Find out how you can help make it happen and get a personalized episode of Creepy Kingdom just for you!

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It’s time to take a look at the creepiest parts of the film “Dumbo”!  Annie from Annie and Danny’s Fast Pass Podcast joins James as they discuss the horror that is DUMBO! 

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