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Recorded live at at the Scare LA convention on August 9, 2015, “Disembodied Spirits: Voice Over Experts”.  Join expert voice-over artists Mark Silverman, Corey Burton, and Peter Renaday as they discuss their work, especially their contributions to two beloved Disney attractions. Silverman, the voice of Rod Serling in the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Corey Burton, the voice of Haunted Mansion Holiday’s Ghost Host, and Peter Renaday, who voiced the Ghost Host on Disney’s Haunted Mansion Record featuring Ron Howard, will chat with Brady MacDonald from the LA Times about their experiences!

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Recorded live at the Dark Side of Disney Documentary Premiere on August 16, 2015 at the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, CA.  Featuring the entire Q & A session with Philip Swift, Leonard Kinsey, Beth Swift, Logan That Raptor, Dana Snyder and hosted be Creepy Kingdom’s own James H. Carter II & Roxy Tart!  And much more from the after party including a chat with Jeff Heimbuch from Communicore Weekly!

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Recorded live at the Scare LA convention on August 8, 2015, The Legend of the Disneyland’s Hat Box Ghost panel with Disney legend Tony Baxter, Imagineers Daniel Joseph, Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily.  Hosted by Doug Barnes from the Season Pass  Podcast.

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We discuss in detail all the recent creepy announcements for the upcoming park, Shanghai Disneyland!

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 We talk with Keightee Liza, former Haunted Mansion cast member and the director, producer, and  co-choreographer of the award winning Women of the Haunted Mansion masquerade skit that was performed at San Diego Comic Con 2015!

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We discuss the announcements of a sequel to “Maleficent” and a live action adaption of “A Night on Bald Mountain” from “Fantasia”.  We have a roundtable discussion about the future Disney films!

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We discuss the brand new offerings that Disneyland has introduced to celebrate it’s 60th birthday!  Including the Hatbox Ghost, the new and improved Matterhorn, and the Paint The Night parade!

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We speak with artist Savanna Rodriguez about her creepy Disney inspired art!

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James talks to Film Maker Ben Lancaster about his upcoming film “The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head!"

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We give an in-depth, spoiler filled review of Avengers: Age Of Ultron!

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