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Please join us as we celebrate our 100th episode by taking a look back at some of the most magical creeptastic moments from the first 99 episodes!  And we have a surprise special guest! 

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We take a ride on The Haunted Mansion in Disneyland on the night before it closes down to prepare for The Nightmare Before Christmas overlay!  Spoiler Alert! We get stuck!  But where do we get stuck….

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Shannon McGrew from joins us to share her spoiler free thoughts on the live 2016 adaptation of Pete’s Dragon! After that we come to you live from the Knott’s Scary Farm preview event and also talk to one of their design specialists, Jon Cooke!

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We are joined by Shannon McGrew from to discuss the 2 day Halloween Festival that took place in Long Beach, CA on July 30th & 31st called Midsummer Scream!  Hear all about the amazing panels (featuring Disney legend Tony Baxter), Mini-Haunts, and so much more!

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This is a bonus episode of Creepy Kingdom giving you an extensive update about the documentary we are making about Haunted Mansion fans titled “Foolish Mortals”!  It also features Creepy Kingdom host & Foolish Mortals’ director James H. Carter II’s appearance on the Horror Happens radio show!

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We take an in-depth spoiler filled look at the 2016 Disney film “Alice Through The Looking Glass!"

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It’s that time of year again!  The time where we spend over an hour answering listener’s emails, Facebook comments, tweets, and Youtube comments!

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We chat with Creepy Kingdom listener and WDW cast member Danielle about the brand new nighttime offerings at Animal Kingdom to determine whether they are creepy or not!  We also discuss what it’s like to be a frontline WDW cast member for almost 20 years!

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Foolish Mortals Update #1

The first of many bonus episodes giving you updates on the documentary we are producing about Haunted Mansion fans titled “Foolish Mortals”!

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We discuss the recent news of even more Disney Live Action Remakes including films based on Cruella, The Jungle Cruise, and Mary Poppins.  We also share thoughts on the recent live action version of “The Jungle Book” and read listener email! 

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