Creepy Kingdom

James tracks down all the Disney creepiness at the 28th Monster Mania Horror Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ!  Special appearances by Maribeth from Lux Luna Glass, artist CJ Draven, Neil from Western Evil, and Special FX make up Artist Lisa J Fisk!

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Former Cast Member Adam Leonard returns to the show to help James find the creepiest parts of the film of the 1943 film Saludos Amigos!

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With special appearances by Liz Ortiz (a former Haunted Mansion Maid), Michelle Young from Disney Dream Girls, Daffy Stardust, Roxy Tart, and Cupcake Terror!  Also rare Haunted Mansion goodies and a ride on the Haunted Mansion with James!

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Roxy Tart joins James as they discuss in detail the upcoming Disney film “Into The Woods”!   They discuss the brand new teaser trailer, the casting, the similarities to the television show “Once Upon A Time”, and have a spirited debate over the professionalism of Meryl Streep! 

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We continue our conversation with Jim Hill as he talks all about Beastly Kingdom, a once planned Tim Burton Event at Disney Hollywood Studios, The Great Halloween Fright Fight, early top sellers in Diagon Alley, Jim’s fear of zombies, and the original beginning of the film “Maleficent”! 

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Jim Hill stops by to set the record straight on the Disney Villains theme park rumor.  He also talks about attractions that were almost built: Mary Poppins, The Sword In the Stone,  The Legend of Sleepy Hallow, and a Villains themed version of Splash Mountain!  And if that’s not enough he share details about the upcoming Frozen attraction! 

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Congo Rilla from The Soiled Restroom Cinema podcast, helps James get to the bottom of the notorious film shot secretly in the Disney Parks, “Escape From Tomorrow”!

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Artist Roxie Hockens shares the inspiration behind her creepy Disney art pieces!  She also explains how her evil laugh might be the inspiration for a new Disney Villain! And at the end of it all she even gives you a valuable life lesson!

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Former Cast Member Adam Leonard (of the Friendly Neighborhood Fanboys Radio Show) shares some creepy tales from his time working at Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom!  Also Peter Pan stops by to share the creepiest thing that happened to him in Disneyland!

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22 - Captain EO

James and Annie take a look at the creepiest parts of Captain EO!  And at the end of the episode they announce the winners of the Maleficent pin contest!

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